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Anna Kristine Smith, M.A. - Denver Counseling

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Anna Kristine Smith, M.A.
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Phone: 720-288-0043

Anna Kristine Smith, M.A.I believe in reflecting hope in all situations, even the darkest of stories. I am passionate about helping people develop the necessary tools and goals to overcome the troubles and tribulations in their lives. I understand that people are more capable and prepared than they believe, and I work with clients to embrace that truth. There are times in all our lives that are heartbreaking, damaging, and overwhelming, when the fire burns so hot that we feel like there is no way out. The counseling relationship has the ability to combat the darkness, and it is this hope that I draw on as a counselor.

I was raised overseas, in Japan and South Korea, and feel my diverse background contributes to my ability to relate to people from all cultures and walks of lives. I am comfortable with a wide variety of diagnoses and situations.

I will work with you to establish a safe relationship, define concrete goals, and work towards the change you want in your life. I utilize various tools and techniques in my practice, but in particular believe in the power of humor and laughter.

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