Moyer Total Wellness

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Moyer Total Wellness

Full Description

We are not a spa! We are a therapeutic wellness center offering services to bring down stress levels in the body. Our services address physical, chemical, and emotional stress. We have a very unique way of measuring stress in the body, so we prove that our services work.

Our services have been developed from evidence-based treatment guidelines to prevent disease and alleviate many symptoms including pain, weight gain, depression, and sleep disorders. Our goal is to provide the greatest long-term relief from symptoms with the fewest side effects so that you can get the most enjoyment out of life.

Our practitioners are licensed to practice their specialties in Denver, Colorado and are highly educated with up to date research in natural health care therapies. For example, our massage therapists have at least five years experience, so you always know you will get a fantastic massage.

Many of our patients use the “team approach” to their health management utilizing more than one treatment modalities for a holistic approach to building health. Together, our team addresses the four causes of disease and symptoms: chronic stress, poor nutrition, poor fitness, and toxic exposure. Our massage therapists effectively help our clients reduce stress and manage pain. Our fitness trainers not only help to prevent disease, but exercise is one of the top ways to also reduce stress and manage pain. Poor nutrition is one of the top causes of most diseases and our holistic nutritionist has experience in helping people to change their diet to reduce inflammation. Reducing inflammation is key in managing pain and preventing disease. Toxins in the environment not only cause cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases, they also lead to weight gain.

If you live in Denver, Colorado and would like help getting back to healthy living, or are just looking for a fantastic massage, give us a call. If you’re not sure if we can help you, try out any one of our services risk free. If you are not satisified with your first treatment, your visit is free!

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