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Holistic Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Valerie Abitbol, MA, LMFT - Denver - Flow Counseling, PLLC

Full Description

You’re resourceful, you’ve reached out to friends but they seem to have lost interest in your pain or don’t know how to help. You’ve read some blogs and a few self-help books that had some good tips, yet they don’t seem to make a difference. You’re struggling handling all these emotions that pop out unexpectedly when you used to have it all under control.

You get some temporary relief and you know deep down it’s not enough. You want more and you deserve more from life but you don’t know how to get it.

You want to stop worrying constantly. You want to feel more balanced, at peace. You’re motivated to make some changes and ready to do the work. You want to be more in control of your thoughts, actions and emotions. Therapy may be helpful to reach those goals.

Those who tend to benefit the most from working with me are those who feel stuck. Stuck after the end of a relationship, stuck after losing someone dear, stuck after a traumatic event or experience, stuck in their interaction with their partner or young children… You get the idea.

Studies show that the most important element of success in therapy is the relationship you develop with a client which is why I take the time to make sure I’m the right therapist for you. If not, I’m happy to refer you to colleagues that may be a better fit. So let’s connect.
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